Things to Know When Buying a Used Chevrolet

June 30th, 2022 by

It’s hard to know where to start when buying a used car. However, choosing a dependable vehicle like a Chevrolet is a great place to start. Chevy vehicles are safe, efficient, and built to last. For the past five years, Chevrolet has been ranked in the top ten reliable makers by JD Power

If you want a high-quality used Chevrolet truck or used Chevrolet SUV but don’t want the price tag of a new vehicle, our used Chevy dealership has a deal for you. Below are some tips on buying a used Chevrolet from Jerry Seiner Chevrolet in Salt Lake City!

Create a Budget and Financing Plan

Figuring out how much you can comfortably spend on a used Chevrolet each month will save you a lot of stress when shopping at the dealership. It’s hard to shop for a used Chevy when you don’t know how much you can afford to spend. Understanding your financial situation and being prepared will make shopping for a used Chevrolet easier and help you make an informed decision that makes financial sense with your budget.

Our finance department at Seiner Chevrolet creates a financial plan for every customer, ensuring it caters to their budget and needs. Get a head start on your financial plan, and apply online!

Research Your Vehicle’s History

Buying a used car without a vehicle history report is like buying a carton of eggs without checking to see if they’re cracked first. Vehicle history reports give you insight into a vehicle’s past and tell you what condition you can expect it to be in. CARFAX is a great place to find an in-depth report of your vehicle’s past owners, title, mileage, accidents, and maintenance history.

Perform a Test Drive and Inspection

Another essential step to knowing if a used vehicle meets your standards is to test drive it yourself! The only way to see if you’re comfortable with a car is to get behind the wheel and drive it. 

When you buy a house, you get it inspected. So why not get your vehicle inspected too? A service technician can inspect your used Chevrolet and give you extra peace of mind that you’re buying a mechanically sound car. In addition, a professional inspection is a great way to learn about a vehicle and find possible maintenance issues. 

Used Chevrolet Trucks & SUVs For Sale in Salt Lake City

At Jerry Seiner Chevrolet, we understand that not all of our Salt Lake City customers will be in the market for a new Chevrolet. That’s why we’re proud to provide an impressive inventory of quality used Chevrolet trucks and used Chevrolet SUVs for you to choose from! We believe that the best new cars make the best used cars. On our used car lot, you’ll find a great selection of used Chevy models, as well as popular options from some of the top brands in the industry. Each of our used Chevrolet trucks and SUVs undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure our customers only get the best and most reliable used Chevrolets for sale.

At our Chevrolet dealership in Salt Lake City, you’ll be impressed by our certified pre-owned Chevrolet selection. You’ll find high-quality Chevrolet SUVs, trucks, and cars with low mileage at incredible prices! Our efforts to carry a wide variety of brands, trims, body styles, colors, and features ensure that you will find the perfect used Chevrolet to fit your lifestyle that is as unique as you are. The Jerry Seiner Chevrolet team also provides various ways for you to save on your next used Chevy, including used car specials and a large inventory of used cars under $10,000, because we’re committed to your satisfaction and providing options for every customer! Visit us to browse our wide range of used Chevrolet models and drive off in your dream ride!

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