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Why Buy Used?

Great New Cars Make Great Used Cars

Why Should You Buy a Used Car?

Purchasing a used car is a great investment because of its price and low depreciation. Also, insurance rates tend to be lower for any level of coverage on a used car. If you are in the market for a used car for sale, visit our dealership at Jerry Seiner Chevy Salt Lake.

Do Used Cars Have Little to No Depreciation?

Car Depreciation makes the most impact on a new vehicle purchase. Within the first 2-3 years, depreciation can diminish a new car’s value by thousands. When you buy a used vehicle there is usually little to no depreciation because your car was sold to you at a lower value than it was worth when new.

Is it Easier to Get Financing For a Used Car?

Trying to get financing for a vehicle can be stressful at times. When you are looking to buy used, the process is a lot simpler, because you need to get approved for a smaller loan amount. If your credit is not in the best standings, the car dealership can use leverage and help get you approved. The finance department at our Chevy dealership always works hard to get anyone in the car that’s fit just for them.

Do Used Cars Have Warranties?

Yes! A really great benefit of buying used cars is that most of them have a few years left of the original manufacturer’s warranty. This means you get the same coverage on your vehicle as if it were purchased brand new. In addition, you can also purchase more warranties for your vehicle beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. To learn more about the coverage we offer, visit us today in Salt Lake City!

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