Oil Change Service

Oil Change and the Engine Oil Life System

Driving around with dirty oil or not enough oil can shorten the life of your engine. Proper maintenance from the Certified Service Professionals at Jerry Seiner Chevrolet will help length your engines life and overall performance. 

Jerry Seiner Chevrolet Certified Service technicians are trained to understand how your oil life monitor works and how your vehicle uses oil. An oil change from our Certified Service experts gives you the peace of mind of knowing that no one knows your vehicle better along with convenience, and a great price. 

When it is time for your next oil change give us a call at 801-685-3359 or schedule your   .

Engine Oil Life System

Most vehicles are now equipped with the Engine Oil Life System, to help you know when it is time to change your oil, based on vehicle use. A warning message will be displayed in most vehicles when it is time for an oil change. When the Oil Life System light comes on, just bring your vehicle in to the Certified Service experts at Jerry Seiner Chevrolet.

Have more questions about maintenance on your Chevrolet?  Check out our  Maintenance 
page for a basic maintenance schedule and a downloadable copy of your owners manual.

Selecting The Proper Oil for Your Oil Change

Choosing the proper grade of oil is a critical step in completing an oil change. From conventional to full synthetic, our Certified Service experts offer a range of oil types including ACDelco Conventional Oil, ACDelco Dexos1® Synthetic blend and Mobil 1 Full Synthetic. The Certified Service experts at Jerry Seiner South Jordan know the right grade of oil to use in your specific vehicle's oil change.

AC Delco Conventional Oil Change Starting at $39.95*

Offers quality engine wear and corrosion protection.

Contains special additives that help your engine run smooth
Meets/exceeds the applicable industry specifications

ACDelco dexos1® Synthetic Blend Starting at $59.95*

Offers increased corrosion protection

Enhances engine cleanliness

Mobile 1
Full Synthethic (Diesel) Starting at $69.95*

Offers optimal wear and corrosion protection
Extends range of temperature where conventional oil would fail

Provides optimal protection from deposits and sludge build up.



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