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Isuzu Commercial


Isuzu's medium-duty trucks cover a wide range of work requirements, ranging from payload demands slightly above the ability of one-ton trucks, all the way to trucks built to handle over 50 000 pounds. Your Isuzu truck will be equipped according to your specific needs, available with flatbeds, a variety of van boxes, storage compartments, or customized mounting for specialized equipment.

Sleek and bold, Isuzu N-Series trucks make a striking statement on the highway and on the job site. But these trucks have more than just a pretty face. Every element of the cab and chassis has been designed to make the driver more comfortable and productive, and to lower your cost of ownership.

Low-cab-forward design.

No conventional truck, pickup or cutaway can give you the advantages of the Isuzu low-cab-forward design:

  • More cargo space within a given overall length        
  • Tighter turning diameters        
  • Easy access to the engine through the full 45-degree tilt-cab function that allows quicker service        
  • Easier entry and exit
  • Better visibility

In the world of commercial vehicles, the introduction of a truly new vehicle is a rare occurrence. That is why the all-new Reach is so important. Everything you believe about what a commercial van can do?and what it can do for your business?is about to change.

The Reach has what todays business owners want:

  • A true commercial-grade vehicle that delivers reliable performance year after year.
  • A timeless style that will still look great ten years from now.
  • Fuel-efficient design?thanks to its lightweight, aerodynamic Utilimaster body and efficient Isuzu diesel powertrain, the Reach delivers up to 35% better fuel economy* than a traditional commercial van.
  • Reach is the first in its class to offer Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)   injection, which reduces NOx levels in engine exhaust by 85%.
  • A time-efficient design; thanks to its low step-in combined with its pass-through design?drivers can get in and out and back on the road quicker than ever.

Altogether, these features provide you with a commercial vehicle that can reach a wide range of vocations -- everything from package delivery to food distribution, contracting to cleaning services, and moving and storage to heating and air conditioning.

 * Compared to class 3-5 commercial walk-in vans; testing conducted by independent, certified party

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